Timbankskompassen is a digital guide for your consultation via Timbanken. Here, you can answer 14 questions about your company’s needs to help you choose an area for consultation. You may use Timbankskompassen as many times as you like; nothing is registered at this step.

Unfortunately, Timbankskompassen is currently only available in Swedish. If you need help using Timbankskompassen in Swedish, you may contact your municipality’s business division or use one of the translation services available on the internet.

Testa Timbankskompassen

If you would like to know more about the Timbankskompassen results, you can read more about the different areas under:

Area 1 - Business plans and business strategy
Area 2 - Finance and law
Area 3 - Sales and marketing
Area 4 - Leadership, HR and organisational development
Area 5 - Product/service development and imports/exports
Area 6 - Digitalisation, technology and automation
Area 7 - Environment, social matters, ecological sustainability and CSR

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