What is Timbanken?

Timbanken offers support for anyone who wants to start or develop a company in Halland. Open a Timbanken account and get five hours of free advice from an expert. You get to choose what you want to focus on. For example, this could be how to do better business, improve your visibility or work smarter. Under Areas & Consultants, you will find the areas in which you can get expert advice.

Region Halland and the municipalities of Halland are behind Timbanken. Advice comes from qualified consultants and specialists procured by Region Halland.

What to do:

1. Choose area and expert

Look up your area of interest and see which consultants and specialists are active in that area. Does anything seem of interest? Proceed and open a Timbanken account.

2. Open account

You can access Timbanken in two ways:

1) Register yourself and your company via Register here and enter which municipality’s business division you want to contact. You will then be contacted by someone from that division.

After registering, you will reach Timbankskompassen. There, you will answer a few quick questions to make the best possible use of your free consultation hours.

2) Contact the business division in your municipality directly. The staff will have a discussion with you about the best way to use Timbanken’s resources for your company. You will also receive information about other possibilities. They will help you register, if you have not already done so online. Here is the contact information for the municipalities’ business divisions.

3. You get your hours

Once you have registered, five free hours will be reserved for you. After that you will get one or several hours with a consultant (max of five hours total) from your municipality’s business division. You are required to complete a follow-up survey after each hour used, and after you have used all of your allocated hours.

When you request hours in Timbanken, Region Halland will process your personal data. You can read information about how your personal data will be processed here.

4. Contact your expert

Contact your chosen expert via email or phone when you have received your consultation hours from your municipality’s business division. You must schedule your first hour within 60 days; otherwise your hours will be invalid and you can no longer use them without submitting a new application.

5. Your feedback is important

After your first consultation, you will receive an email with a few quick questions to answer in order to gain access to more hours. Contact the business division in your municipality when you are ready for more hours. You may have five hours total. (If you do not answer the questions, you will not receive additional hours in Timbanken.)

After your last hour with an expert, you will be asked a few final questions. Your responses are important – they are used to improve and develop Timbanken.

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